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Do you want to make a lifestyle change and feel that you have tried everything but still not succeeded?

 - Are you tired of "quick fixes" that don't last long? 

- Do you want to get started with exercise and good nutrition?

- Do you feel stuck in your training and not progressing and reaching your goals?

- Do you feel that your everyday life is too stressful and that you are unable to put the lifepuzzle together?

We coaches at Sculptera fitness work with health from a holistic perspective and in our work we use the MI methodology.
We live by the concept that health and well-being is so much more than just exercise and good nutrition.
In today's modern world, many of our systems and practices are organized in a way that separates the different aspects of health -for example, a therapist recommends ways to deal with stress and thoughts, a nutritionist recommends ways to eat healthy but often there is no "crossover- guidance' or framework for the whole. We work with the whole.
By exploring all habits and thoroughly observing your lifestyle, we can find out which elements are missing. This is so that we can best adapt our work to your life situation and your conditions. We believe that it is important that the work we do works in the everyday life you find yourself in. A healthy lifestyle, exercise and good nutrition should be something that is fun and not an additional must in an already stressful everyday life.
All our services are tailored around your goals, needs and conditions. With the right mental tools, you can achieve your goals and find balance in life, and that's what we're here to help you achieve.
sculptera fitness


Coach Jonas The chef Andersson

  • Sports scientist
  • Holistic health coach, chef and MI method trained

Coach Angelica Sorri

  •  Sociologist with a master's degree in social work and special education in psychiatry
  • International licensed personal trainer, health coach and nutrition consultan
  • MI method trained
  • Lecturer
Sculptera fitness


Sculptera fitness


Did you answer yes to any of the questions above? 

Then this is an online course for you! 

Whether your goal is a healthy sustainable lifestyle over time, weight loss or muscle growth or if you have another goal.

In the course, you will learn from the ground up everything you need to know to be able to change your life situation to a healthier lifestyle. The knowledge you gain in the program means that after completing the course you have the tools you need to be able to maintain it.
Get started with Sculptera fitness online 6 weeks

Sculptera fitness


We also offer online coaching,
We deliver wellness to both private individuals and companies and live to tailor effective comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Unfortunately, we are not the cheapest, but there is a reason for that. We stand for broad competence and knowledge in the field, long experience and great commitment and service to our customers.

Below you can book a free consultation with one of our coaches to see which of our services would suit you and how we can best adapt the plan based on your goals and life situation as well as cost proposals.

Free consultation

Are you thinking of trying coaching/personal training online or are you interested in our online course or occupational health care but are unsure how it works and want to know more before you decide?

Then you are welcome to book a free consultation. A consultation means that you, as a potential customer, get an opportunity to talk to our coaches at Sculptera fitness before you decide which of our services would suit you best or if you just have questions about how coaching/personal training works.


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Our blogs

The blogs can be translated into most languages.



If you are interested in cooking with very carefully selected ingredients based on nutritional value and anti-inflammatory diet to optimize your health and want to keep track of how much protein, carbohydrates and fat you are getting, you will find over 700 recipes with just that in our food blog.



In our health blog, you will find posts from us coaches regarding everything from how to deal with stress to how to stretch.
Sculptera fitness


Monika Miettinen

Wonderful coach, talented and knowledgeable.

Rikard Jönsson

Very good and versatile training. She adapts the training to your ability. A good investment for a better quality of life.

Lotta Nilsson

Very knowledgeable in her field. Made me dare to challenge myself and realize that I can handle more than I think. I feel stronger and more mobile in my body after the sessions. Can highly recommend coach Angelica.

Peter Samuelsson

Accurate and meticulous with the details of the exercises. Explains and instructs in a good and educational way until the exercises are done. Many thanks for the help! Not always the most kilos that wins...,
" Always wonderful treatment, broad knowledge, which means that no matter what you need help with, there are always answers and solutions as well as a follow-up to see how it went. Highly recommended! /Elin Wåhlin
"Professional treatment, wide range of knowledge. A comprehensive solution" / Micael Persson
"I think it was a good kick to be here. Good recipes simple and good training program and checking in every Sunday how it went and my result in these 6 weeks was 7.9 kg which is great will continue this journey myself now and think that more people who need this help should join here. I have had Angelica before as a PT and she is amazingly talented and knowledgeable. Thank you for this time.” /Annika Sjöberg
"My 6 weeks with Angelica as pt are now over and I am very satisfied! It's been an aha experience and I've learned more about how to think about exercise and food, and I've also gained a good routine for things like drinking more water and walking regularly. Good layout, good tips and always quick answers when you think about something. I really recommend Angelica as a pt! /Pia Niskala Dagneryd